ON AIR // VEGETALE A CHI? Teatro della Limonaia Sesto Fiorentino – Firenze (IT)

Vegetale a chi? (titolo provvisorio) 

Produzione FIKA Contemporanea Danza

Idea: Martina Francone, Carolina Amoretti, Sara Campinoti, Cristina D’Alberto

Primo stadio di una ricerca coreografica ispirata all’intelligenza delle piante, alla loro abilita’ di trasformarsi e adattarsi all’ambiente, al loro muto accordo di condividere uno stesso spazio.

17 novembre 2018 – Teatro della Limonaia di Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Italia

ARTINA&ONNO. Lost in creation

Everyday life of ARTINA and ONNO changes abruptly when the VOYAGER GOLDEN RECORD lands on their planet. An object containing an encrypted message from Earth. Far away from planet Earth’s solar system, this event starts an unexpected chain reaction for the two odd characters.


5th/6th May 2018 – Festival Fabbrica Europa, Florence Italy
28th June 2018 – Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Kosice, Slovakia
11th – 12th June 2018 – Societaetstheater, Dresden, Germany

Choreography & dance: Martina Francone, Anna Till
Music & composition: Dalibor Kocian
Stage & costume design: Konstanze Grotkopp
Light design & technical direction: Martin Mulik
Dramaturgy: Nora Otte
Choreographic advise: Alessandro Certini, Charlotte Zerbey
Production management: Bettina Lehmann / situation productions
Production management Slovakia: Zuzana Kotiková
Photo: Alexander Corciulo
Duration: 40 min

Aria di Vetro (Dance and live music)

Choreography: Martina Francone
Composer: Simone Tecla
Performers: Martina Francone, Simone Tecla
Costumes: Francesca Zambernardi
Photo: Tommaso Tancredi
Duration: 12 min
Aria di Vetro è il primo studio di un progetto multidisciplinare ispirato a Le Metamorfosi di Ovidio. Il testo diventa l’origine per la sua forza espressiva e simbolica. I performer esplorano la possibilità di cambiare continuamente dimensione, modellando lo spazio e trasformando rapidamente la materia ed i significati. Aria di Vetro si propone come un ambiente fatto d’immagini, suoni e movimenti, ma anche di odori, colori e sapori in cui tutti gli elementi si mescolano alternandosi come riflessi di luce.
Aria di Vetro è stato presentato in occasione di Emergenze! Vetrina giovani danzautori – Festival Fabbrica Europa 2013 ricevendo un premio produzione.


SHÄR is a dance and film project that is initiated by young artists from Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Norway, and Hungary. Collaborating organizations are the dance groups Blauba (SE), Raven (IS), and the film association BABELEfilmica (IT). It was born in 2011 from a shared desire to work in communion with other dance artists in the Nordic countries. The collaboration seeks to include, challenge and share different dance experiences in order to create a common platform from where to reach the public. SHÄR is composed of three modules: the performance Evrívär, the workshop Muv and the dance film Muvi.

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Winterlude (Video)

Directed and edited by Rosario Sparti
Choreography: Simona Rossi
Performance: Martina Francone, Simona Rossi and Tomoe Utsunomiya.

Video Extract

What happens when nothing happens.
In Deptford (Video)

Do you know George Perec?

His writing was a continuous attempt to penetrate the world we inhabit through a careful description of the smallest things surrounding us. In noting down the ‘nothing that happens’ everyday and everywhere around us, Perec tried to grasp the precariousness of reality.

P(h)ur Old Banal was born in Deptford, a suburban area in the south east of London. As many spaces within a cosmopolitan city, Deptford has partly become a ‘temporary place’ for a big number of people who occupy the space but don’t make it really their own. And here we go back  to Perec and to one of his questions: ’How to leave a space? ‘. How to be a relevant part of that space and how to make it relevant for ourselves? P(h)ur Old Banal attempted to record on film some pieces of Deptford the way is today. Being  performers we did not limit ourselves to a documentaristic recording . We decided to be part of that recording. We wanted  the filming to be also a chance for us  to experiment  how  the surrounding space would have reacted  to our being  in it. What came out is several hours of filmed shots  that offer a hint of the nature of the place and the poeple among whom our collective has born.

Video Extract

Creation and performance: Martina Francone, Simona Rossi, Tomoe Utsunomiya
Video: Rosario Sparti
Duration: 17 min 45 sec

P(h)ur Old Banal

Bunch of artists who decided to gather together in he summer of 2009. The work of the collective comprises collaboration with artists from various fields, doing street performances, indie movies, theatre shows and installations.

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Repositioning Edge-Park

A collaborative work of video art, architecture, dance and music. The architectural site of Florence frames the images of the Venice site, through the projection of the video “Edge Park”. The moving bodies of three performers compose clean frames, changing the perceptive and perspective view of the architectural sites, while the music of Antony Night and Simone Tecla resonates in the space. The work is a reinterpretation of the video “Edge Park” and it was shown at Notte Bianca Fiorentina 2012 at Chiostro Verde Santa di Santa Maria Novella, Florence.

Repositioning Edge Park is a site specific installation composed of different layers that interpret and inhabit the space

video: Valentina Lamantia
Performance: OAC – Martina Francone, Pia Födinger and Hrafnhildur Einarsdóttir
Music: Antony Night and Simone Tecla
Lights and setting: Antony Night

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