What happens when nothing happens.
In Deptford (Video)

Do you know George Perec?

His writing was a continuous attempt to penetrate the world we inhabit through a careful description of the smallest things surrounding us. In noting down the ‘nothing that happens’ everyday and everywhere around us, Perec tried to grasp the precariousness of reality.

P(h)ur Old Banal was born in Deptford, a suburban area in the south east of London. As many spaces within a cosmopolitan city, Deptford has partly become a ‘temporary place’ for a big number of people who occupy the space but don’t make it really their own. And here we go back  to Perec and to one of his questions: ’How to leave a space? ‘. How to be a relevant part of that space and how to make it relevant for ourselves? P(h)ur Old Banal attempted to record on film some pieces of Deptford the way is today. Being  performers we did not limit ourselves to a documentaristic recording . We decided to be part of that recording. We wanted  the filming to be also a chance for us  to experiment  how  the surrounding space would have reacted  to our being  in it. What came out is several hours of filmed shots  that offer a hint of the nature of the place and the poeple among whom our collective has born.

Video Extract

Creation and performance: Martina Francone, Simona Rossi, Tomoe Utsunomiya
Video: Rosario Sparti
Duration: 17 min 45 sec

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