SHÄR is a dance and film project that is initiated by young artists from Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Norway, and Hungary. Collaborating organizations are the dance groups Blauba (SE), Raven (IS), and the film association BABELEfilmica (IT). It was born in 2011 from a shared desire to work in communion with other dance artists in the Nordic countries. The collaboration seeks to include, challenge and share different dance experiences in order to create a common platform from where to reach the public. SHÄR is composed of three modules: the performance Evrívär, the workshop Muv and the dance film Muvi.

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OwnArts Collective OAC

The collective’s working method adopts a modular and project-specific approach. Members operate according to context and circumstance, in groups, pairs, or sometimes alone. However, each output of the group is considered a collective output, through adoption of an agreed rationale for working. The group also advocates a flexible and collaborative approach to working with others, particularly those in other disciplines/
art forms. At any time, a particular modular unit may be supplemented by a musician, film-maker, or visual artist, for example. Its members comprise; Tony Thatcher, Martina Francone, Pia Fodinger, Anna Axiotis, Hrafnhildur Einarsdòttir and Jonathan Owen Clark.

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