Broken Symmetric 2 (Dance)

OAC Collective
Choreographer: Pia Fodinger
Composer: Jonny Clark
Performance: Pia Fodinger, Martina Francone, Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir
Music: Recorded music
Duration: 15 min

This piece is an exploration of upper body motion, investigating the emotional theme of the words “fighting through” with courage to be your-self. One
important key-element in this work is – being in the moment! The performer’s aim is to let the physical effect of the motion take them on a personal performance journey in which immediate coping with in a set framework of a score allows the performer to deal with known, conscious as well as unconscious elements with in their moment of performance. Situations in our lives when certain restrictions can create inner courage and strengths, which suddenly turns these restricted situations into a tool for more personal freedom.